The vision of the Catechism department is to nurture the faith formation of children, fostering their spiritual, ecclesial, and social growth. We strive to provide a platform that encompasses faith formation, value education, worship, and service.

Our objective is to cultivate leadership qualities among our children, empowering them to become confident and compassionate individuals. Moreover, we aim to guide them in recognizing our unique and distinct identity as St. Thomas Christians in the Diocese of Kalyan. Additionally, we encourage our children to showcase their hidden talents through active participation in various religious and cultural events of the Church. Together, we embark on a journey of holistic development, nurturing the minds, hearts, and spirits of our young ones.
Coffee With Jesus
A monthly prayer service hosted by the catechism students. Includes worship songs, intercessory prayers, and concludes with the Eucharist blessing.
Grandparents and Parents Day
Celebrated by children by gifting cards and roses to every grandparent in the parish. Families stand and pray together for the Holy Mass.
Faith Formation Day
Children participate in the yearly St. Thomas Academy, where they prepare a variety of cultural performances both individually and collectively as a Catechism department, imparting in them Christian principles of cooperation, diligence, and teamwork.
Christmas celebration & Outreach programme
For the joy of Christmas, Catechism students, teachers and PTF members, all choose Christmas friends. Throughout the advent season, everyone prays for their friends and exchanges gifts after midnight mass.
Students practice abstinence and fill out donation boxes that are eventually given to the orphanage/old age home outreach programme. The suggested planners are diligently followed by students as they participate in the Christmas events.
Holy Infants Day
Celebrated on the 28th of December.
Small tots of Airoli parish dress up as various characters of the Nativity scene. The event includes 'Punjiri malsaram', ramp walks, and fun-filled dance performances by children.
Eucharistia camp Camps are conducted which includes value-based learning with stories, action songs, and sessions conducted by teachers about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, alongside various fun-filled games.

Mrs. Greeny Joby
Head Mistress

Mr. Grejo Joby
Forane Secretary

Ms. Angel Mary Binoy
Jesus Kids

Mrs. Jincy Sajimon
Jesus Kids

Ms. Rosemary Stephen
Jesus Kids

Mrs. Seles Ciyon
Std I

Mrs. Daly Paulson
Std II

Mrs. Shaina Joseph

Ms. Anu Shaji
Std IV

Mrs. Daya Benny
Std V

Mrs. Siji Vincent
Std VI

Mrs. Tresa John

Mrs. Shincy Anoop

Mrs. Ansorosy Biju
Std IX

Mrs. Sophy Anne Jison
Std X

Mrs. Jenifer Abin
Std XI

Mrs. Jincy Joseph